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Ceramics Workshops

10 / 11 / 12 / 13


in Grândola, Vila Morena


Pottery Class

A 2-hour class to experiment the potter's wheel and have some fun.

Each person will have the possibility to make two or three pieces that will be finished and fired later.*

*all classes are booked.

1 person

35.00 € 


Hand Building Class

In this hand building class we learn to create several pieces using only our hands. It will be possible to decorate your pieces with paints. 

*all classes are booked.

Group class , maximum of 4 people

€35.00 per person


Pottery + Hand Building

It is possible to try both modalities, thus managing to finish the pieces created on the potter's wheel. 

2 classes

60.00 € 

* Materials and fires included. All the pieces should be picked up later on the week after. If you can't pick them up, shipping costs are +3€.


August 13


demonstrations, ceramics
and glasses

21:00 - 23:00

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