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Ceramics Workshops

Private or group classes where you can make your new favorite pieces


Pottery Class

Private pottery class for your first experience or to improve your techniques.

You can choose just one class or two (on consecutive days or not).

In the second class you can make more complex pieces or finish those made in the previous class.

Limit 2 to 3 pieces per class.

1 or 2 people

3 hours

1st class = €75.00

2nd class = €55.00


Breakfast set workshop

In this class you will make your breakfast dishes: a glass or bowl and a plate. You can also learn how to make a tiny pet to keep you company.

Group of 1 to 5 people

3 hours

€60.00 per person

*this class can be changed to create another type of piece. Send an email with your proposal.


Group Class

A simple class where students will be able to create two pieces (a cup and a plate) while relaxing and having a good time with friends.

Group of 3 to 5 people

2 hours

€40.00 per person

Date and time to be scheduled, depending on studio availability.

Availability: mornings, afternoons or weekends. Between 10:00 and 21:00.


Payment: Must be made after confirming the date/time and up to 5 days before the workshop, by bank transfer or Mbway(pt).
Cancellations: If it is necessary to cancel the class, a new date will be scheduled, subject to availability. No refunds will be made.


Included in classes:
Aprons, clay and paints, first firing, glaze, second firing.

Hot or cold drink.

The pieces made will stay in the studio to be fired. They can be collected between 15 and 60 days after the class. If not collected they will not be kept beyond 60 days. If you need them to be shipped, shipping costs will be added.

*If you want a different type of class, feel free to send an email to

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